Progress Report: Has the ‘Get the Life You Want’ event worked for me?

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After investing in the ‘Get the Life You Want’ seminar, I wanted to track the impact it had on me after the event to see if it really did work for me. This blog reports the impact over time that I attribute to the event.

You can read my original blog about the experience of going to the event and the key takeaways I had from it in my What I got out of the ‘Get the Life You Want’ Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna experience blog.

Day One – Project ‘Getting the Life I Want’

Back to a Monday morning after the seminar weekend, I was woken up early at 5.30 by my husband, who normally gets a somewhat grumpy response from me. It took a few minutes to wake up and then I started thinking about my day and felt great excitement. I used to feel this way when I was very enthused about my work but have been feeling more overwhelmed recently so it’s not such a familiar feeling.

On this day, however, I literally jumped out of bed with enthusiasm. I did 15 minutes yoga, 10 minutes meditation, cleared up some clothes and then the kids were up. I managed my morning with them much more positively and then after the school run headed to the gym. I worked through priority things to get them off my list but was itching with excitement to get back to my Life Reporter blog.

After a great workout (where I almost couldn’t stop myself grinning like an idiot!), swim and sauna, and clearing up a few more work things, I spent the chunk of my afternoon on my blog and felt I was finally making progress on something that was important to me and my future vision.

Throughout the day, the images I’d created and thoughts that had been planted in my mind from the weekend came back to me. I saw my future vision so vividly. I pressed my finger and thumb together as an anchor and felt a buzz of excitement in my chest and bubbling yellow colours out in front of me that I associated with being really happy (which I think had something to do with the grinning fit i had in my fitness class).

But incredibly I made several decisions both over the weekend and on this first day that I had been deliberating over for a while. I quit a couple of things that had been draining my energy and weren’t important to my future vision; I tackled a challenging conversation with someone close over the future direction of their role which led to what I hope is a breakthrough; I realised that I have the power to not do something I’m involved in in my company that I really don’t enjoy but am lucky enough to have a great team around me who can still continue to take that aspect of the business forwards for us; and with what felt to be great clarity, I redid my weekly time plot to shift the balance of time spent on my existing business to move it more to fit with my future vision of how I should be spending my life.

And then I did it. I spent my Monday in a different way to normal, making progress on my new venture.

Another side note is that I suddenly felt more confident talking with others – in the shop, in the gym class, at the school run, etc. I am not a shy person by any means and didn’t think I had an issue with confidence. It wasn’t something I even paid attention to at the event. But something had changed.

Let’s see how long these effects last…

Week 1 – Project ‘Getting the Life I Want’

Following the first day and the decisions I’d made from the clarity I felt I’d got from the weekend, I continued to have discussions to ‘socialise’ the idea of these changes with the people that mattered.

There was some fall out. I had to work through the impact on others, which was a little painful.

I also wasn’t able to put all the changes into place at once. Being an impatient kind of person, I felt some frustration about this, and felt a little dragged down by guilt over the things I had suddenly decided to stop doing or at least reduce the time I spent on them.

That said, I still felt an underlying but powerful drive to make these changes happen.

Month 1 – Project ‘Getting the Life I Want’

The remainder of the month was quite mixed. Progress was halted as I enjoyed a family holiday over half term and when I returned I felt a little under par.

I also struggled to bring back the visualisation with the same power, but I think partly I haven’t given myself enough time to really focus on it.

But once I’d cleared the decks, I started to really focus on The Life Reporter and moving my vision for it into reality, working on the website and creating my growth plan for it.

Although it has been a mixed month, when I sat back and thought about the changes that have been made, the different outlook I have, and the drive I have to progress on my plans, I’d say the impact has been quite significant.

I need to figure out how to put more of it into regular practice; to keep the visualisation work going and at the forefront of my mind, and to use the other techniques to help me address additional areas  that I’d like to progress in.

Near the end of the month, when reviewing my original blog about the event I remembered the anchoring technique, tried it and it immediately made me grin and lifted my mood entirely. I even felt the excitement in my chest and recalled the bubbling yellow image in front of me (yes it sounds crazy!) without trying. There is definitely something in that. And I felt like it motivated me for the rest of the day to prioritise my work.

I will continue to add updates over time to report back on the progress I feel can be attributed to attending the Get the Life You Want event. 

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