The personal flaws that led to The Life Reporter

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Why did I start this blog?

Because I am flawed.

There are things I have done in my life so far that I have achieved much success in. And I feel proud of myself for doing so. But there are areas of my life that need more focus and attention. This blog is my own personal challenge to focus more attention on the areas I need to improve – health, nutrition, mind, family, friendships, life in general – all topics I have had a lifelong fascination with.

And hopefully through my process of researching and writing this blog, and in sharing what I discover, I can inspire you to find ways to improve your life and find greater happiness.

To delve a little deeper…

The successes

I set up my company (the financial technology marketing agency A-Team Group) when I was 24, completely naive and overly optimistic. Luckily it paid off. With the help of my team we have built a successful company – providing marketing services to financial technology companies – that is still going strong (in fact, stronger than ever) 16 years on. It hasn’t all been plain sailing, but during that time I have been fortunate enough to be able to work from home, travel to some amazing cities, meet lots of fascinating people, get married, have three wonderful children, and find my dream house in the Wiltshire countryside.

The flaws

For many years I pushed myself to work flat out. I wasn’t a complete workaholic and I kept sociable hours – I had my own rules about never (ok rarely) working on a weekend and most of the time I would finish work and close the door at 6pm. I thought that was the definition of success. But the reality is that I let work get in the way of other things that are important – such as family, friendships, health, nutrition, and true happiness. I would let myself get worked up over the little things all the time (and although I try to battle the urge now, it still happens!). I truly believed I had “no time” to exercise and my idea of an energy boost was a massive family pack of M&M’s after dinner. I rarely took the time to stop, take a breath, and appreciate the moment, let alone think about my future and how I truly wanted my life to turn out.

I’ve been working on these areas more and more over the past few years and I believe my life is better for it. I’ve found ways to motivate myself to exercise, focus on nutrition and eat much healthier, work on my mindset and improve the lens through which I see life and more. That said, there is still room for improvement!

At the same time, I’d been looking for the next challenge. How could I grow my business (and life) from here? I’d had a restless time soul-searching over the past two years, examining my life and future direction.

Head vs heart

Logic suggested to me that I focus on work, earn more money and then everything would be great one day. I came to the conclusion that to make this happen, I needed to expand the business model in my company into new areas, grow the team and scale revenues etc.But the truth is that it just didn’t excite me. I found myself endlessly procrastinating over it. I was stuck.

My head had been spinning with all the different options, all the advice I took from reading various books and listening to endless motivational podcasts and taking to friends and colleagues. But I still couldn’t see clearly which direction to take.

Finally, I spent one hour with a life coach I know (with an amazing outcome, which you can read about here). That was what it finally took to cut through all the nonsense and to identify exactly what it was that would motivate me to take the next step.

And The Life Reporter was born.

I’m investing lots of energy (and money) investigating the different approaches we can take to optimize our lives and be healthier, happier and full of purpose, and I’m sharing the results through The Life Reporter.

I’d love to hear in the comments below if you’ve had similar challenges and how you’ve resolved them. Or if you’re going through the same soul searching now and how you’re working to figure it out…

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